Fantasy Street

Every mind, .adult or child, is full of ideas of their own kind. They fantasize and mesmerize, in the world of fairies, palaces, magic and shine. This place is for those who imagine in the next to impossible style. This fictional universe is an unimaginable world of dreams. Walking in this fantasy world and experiencing shopping in shops shaped as a car, bus, train, a ship, leaning tower of Pisa, a post office, the onion domes, Eiffel tower, the Rajasthani jharokhas and what not is a lifetime experience.
The fantasy world is a well designed artistic creation with The raindrop effects from the ceiling and the very well designed shopping stations. The beautiful statues of Ajanta show the way to the food court, another land of dreams and uninterrupted imagination. It is truly a skilful example of art, a stupendous design, an honourable astonishing shopping experience in its own kind

Brand On Streets
You live in a fantasy world of illusion, we create it into reality.